History of the Lebanon Baptist Temple

The Calvary Baptist Church of Lebanon was organized in the old Memorial Hall, on the corner of Silver and Mechanic Streets, on Sunday March 22, 1953 with twelve charter members.

The first pastor was Rev. Wilton Mills.  Services were held in the Memorial Hall and the I.O.O.F. Hall until our present building was completed.  Rev. Mills resigned from his position as Pastor in December of 1959.  Rev. Gene Eidson became the next pastor from February 1960 through 1962.  After Rev. Eidsen was Ref Allen Sears.  Rev. Sears was pastor from 1963 through 1964.  In December of 1965, Rev. Carlos Demarest became pastor and remained in the position until May 30, 1968.Next was Rev. Ross Bateman, who pastored from September 1968 through November 1972.

In December of 1972, Rev. Allen Jones became pastor and remained in that position until he chose to retire in October of 2008.  In 1976 Rev. Jones, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, renamed the church to Lebanon Baptist Temple.  A year later, in 1977, Rev. Jones started the Temple Christian Academy.  After Rev. Jones retired, Richard Drummond became pastor in October of 2008 and remains in that position to this day.

The Lebanon Baptist Temple is an old-fashioned Independent Baptist Church.  Our singing is of traditional hymns and we believe that the King James Bible – 1611 is the final authority in all matters of faith and practice in the church and in the lives of God’s people.